Once a tender has reached the contract status, you can no longer edit the tender. 

A variation to the tender must be created instead.

Creating a variation enables you to include or exclude packages, options and custom options once a tender has reached the contract status.

Select the Tender and click on the Add New Tender Variation button .

The new Tender Variation screen has the Variation Name that can be edited, a Variation Type, the Status and a Print button where you can select the type of Variation report to print out depending on the type of variation.

The different Tender Variation Status are as below:

 (1) - Make a change to the tender - select ann option that isn't already selected

 (2) - The selected option will be displayed in the section (2) in pane 1

 (3) - If requried, the Reprice button can be used to update all selected variation prices with the new prices that have been entered since the variation was created.

(1) - If you unselect an item from the tender it will display as a negative QTY or if you change the quantity it will just increase or decrease.

(2) - This the Total Variation Price for all selected packages and options (included and excluded).

The items that are displayed in pane 1 as part of the variation can be clicked on and the information on them will appear in pane 3;

In the Pricing and Structure tab of pane 1 there is a subtotal of the contract without the variations, a total value of draft variations and of approved variations;

NOTE: Rejected variations will be viewable on the tender screen however these will not be included in the value of the tender.