ClickHome notifies Supervisors when a new task is created due to PO matching. This is done in two ways.

  1. Green House v Brown House for the Job Icon
  2. New Task highlighting on the callsheet.

The contract record on the server has a Scheduling Status which indicate how the PO's have been loaded to the job.
  • New - No PO's have been loaded to the job
  • Partial - Some PO's have been loaded to the job but no tasks should be added or removed from the callsheet with the inclusion rules.
  • Completed - All PO's have been loaded to the job and any tasks included or excluded based on the inclusion rules should have been updated accordingly.
  • Updated - Same as completed, but some additional PO's have been loaded.

This example below shows the Brown house indicating PO's have been updated.

When the callsheet is opened after synchronising and downloading the new tasks, they are highlighted on the iPad with a brown row.

On the iPad the normal house icon should be green indicating everything is as it should be. When the house is brown, it indicates that a PO update has happened. The Supervisor must acknowledge the updated information... This is done by
  1. Opening the callsheet and clicking on the Brown House icon at the top header of the callsheet.
  2. Click on Mark Complete menu.

And then Yes on the popup warning..

The house icon is now Green on the top menu and on the job list.

This will update the server after performing a sync operation.