Call Sheet Stage Layout

The Call Sheet is much like the standard paper call sheet. It contains a list of all tasks that are needed to construct the house. By either PO matching and/or removing optional tasks the call sheet is reduced to the tasks that are required for the client’s specific variation of the house.

The staged Call sheet will have all tasks grouped by stage. the grey bar shows the percentage complete of the stage, and also shows the number of completed tasks (green tick), scheduled (red box), unscheduled (blue question mark). It will also show the time in stage. To quickly schedule or complete multiple items in the stage you can click on the blue arrow on the right hand side, which will open up the Stage Wizard.


House The house roof colour defines the scheduling status of the job. Green is status complete, Brown reflects that  the call sheet is loaded but the scheduling status is not complete. By clicking this icon, a popup appears where you  can change the scheduling status go to wizard or go to other sections of the contract.
Task This is the task the Supervisor has to “Call” at the appropriate time. an icon next to it suggests an internal note or an external supplier note is attached to the task.
Supplier The supplier allocated to the task if this process has taken place. The supplier can be allocated by being  preallocated in the call sheet template, by PO matching or selected by the supervisor.

Plan. date the date that the supervisor has scheduled the trade or supplier to start the task.
Start. date the date the task was actually started.
Cmp. date the actual completion date of the task.
Call. date the date the Supervisor requested (i.e. called) the trade or supplier to undertake the tasks.
Base. date the baseline date for the completion of this task.
Est. date the estimate date for the completion of this task taking into account the performance of the prior 
completed tasks.
Call sheet icon an icon indicating the condition of the task. It is via this icon that most of the navigation from here 
takes place.


Please reference the Callsheet Icons - Legend article.


Filter Button - Filter

Sitting in the top right of the Call Sheet screen is the filter icon. This presents options to filter the main screen of tasks based on selected criteria. The filter icon will change appearance if used.

Filter is applied to the Call Sheet

No Filter is active on the Call Sheet

There are the options to Filter and Sort



Filter Options

Show All, Hide Completed Are mutually exclusive of each other. The display will either Show All tasks or Hide  Completed tasks.
Current Tasks Shows scheduled but not completed tasks
Delivery Tasks Shows only those that have flagged the delivery flag set up for the task. i.e. Those tasks that the supervisor is required to check the delivery has taken place.
Unscheduled Tasks Only shows tasks that are yet to be scheduled
Supplier Required Only show the tasks that require a supplier be allocated
Scheduled Tasks Shows only scheduled tasks
Completed Tasks Shows only completed tasks
Task with Notes Only shows tasks with notes

Sort Options

Standard Shows the tasks in the sequence as set up in the template
Callup Order Shows the tasks in the order dictated by the estimated start and lead times the tasks would be expected to be called in
Status Order Shows the tasks in the standard order within the task status' order

House Button

Displays the below options.


House Options

Job List Open the Job List
Job Details Opens the Job Details page
Inspection Opens the Inspection List
Wizard Launches the Scheduling Wizard
Mark Complete Marks Scheduling complete.