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To view your list of jobs&nbsp;click on&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>job List</b></i></span>

Your list of jobs is visible here.

Your KPI is visible here. This number indicates the days ahead (green) or Behind (Red).

The stage of the job is visble here.

The status of the job is visible here.<br><br>Green house (file prep done)<br>Brown house (new job or updated job)<br>Blue House (new note visible)<br>2 ticks (Open Inspection on job)<br>multiple houses (this is a project job)

Click on filter to change your filter

Choose your selections, click on sort to change your sort order.

There are different options available here

Click on the icon next to the job to move straight to the call sheet.

your call sheet is visible now.

Click anywhere on the job information to go to the Job details section

all the pertinent information is visible.

The navigation bar below will guide you to the next steps

Documents will allow you to view all the available documents for this specific job

a red question mark indicates the file is not downloaded on your device yet. Click on it to download the file.

Click on yes to download the doc

a green tick indicates the file is downloaded, you can now view or edit the document by clicking on it.

your document is ready.

Inspections allows you to view your inspections (please see the inspections tutorial).

Requisitions allows you to raise an ETS.

Click on the plus button to raise a new requisition.

Fill in the required information and hit submit to raise a requisition.

Discussions brings you to your discussions with your office or the client.

Click add discussion if you want to add a new discussion.

Operations allows you to do some admin functionality.

One of the key functions here is to take a photo for this specific job.

Click <span class=""><i><b>the camera button to take a photo.</b></i></span>

You can now take a photo.

Click <span class=""><i><b>Optional items to remove unwanted items from your call sheet.</b></i></span>

Remove the items by clicking and hitting delete.

The call sheet allows you to see all the tasks required for this specific job.

The call sheet allows you to schedule your tasks. Please see the call sheet tutorial on how to use this screen.