Try it yourself here

The first step is to press on the <b>House</b> icon which brings up some additional options for the Job/Callsheet.

Now select the <b>Wizard</b>.

First we will go through the Wizard's 'Quick Completion' function by going to&nbsp;<b>Active</b>.

This gives us a list of all Scheduled Tasks in this Job - all tasks that have a Planned Date but have not been Completed yet.<br>We will start by setting a 'Start Date' for the <b>Edge Perimeter Protection&nbsp;</b>Task.

We can see that this has now put today's date as the Start Date for this task.<br>If we click on the Start Date that has populated this will move us to be able to 'Back-Date' it.

We can now backdate the Start Date for the 'Edge Perimeter Protection' Task to Monday 21st November.

Date has now been Back-Dated to 21st November (3 Days ago).

We will now select the second task 'Stair Void Protection' - to highlight this we will press on the Task Name. Then we can slide the percentage bar to set it to 56%.

We will now Complete the 'Plumbing Rough In' Task by pressing the bottom tick to both 'Start' and 'Complete' for today's date.

The Task is now Started and Completed for Today's Date.

To Commit all the changes we have made we must hit 'Save'


All changes have now been Saved and Actioned. The Completed Task has been removed from the list.<br><br>Next Step we will look at the 'Wizard Scheduling' Functionality which we access by pressing <b>Schedule</b>.

This shows us a list of all tasks that are not yet Planned/Scheduled and we have not yet contacted an External Supplier/Trade.<br>

Ticking each box will choose that we want to Schedule each of these items now using the 'Quick Scheduler'.

Click the green&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>highlighted </b></i><b>box</b></span>

And the last one we will do is 'Scaffold Adjust 2nd Time'

Now we will hit <b>Schedule</b> so we can go schedule those 4x tasks.

First Task 'Brick Clean - Top' wack in your Supplier, then your Planned Date and any other options you want to add/view for this Task before hitting the <b>Schedule</b> button.

Once you are ready hit the&nbsp;<b>Schedule</b>&nbsp;button.

Now lets do the same for our 'CAM Brickwork Inspection 100%2' Task by setting our Planned Date.

Now hit the <b>Schedule</b> button

We don't need any Delivery Instructions so we will say Yes that we have already checked them (it's an internal inspection).

Now we are on our 3rd Task straight away which is 'Plumber dress lead - Top Roof' and we are going to put in our Planned Date for when the Plumber should do this.

Now lets&nbsp;<b>Schedule</b> this one.

Now the 4th and last task 'Scaffold Adjust 2nd Time' - lets set our Planned Date for this.

Now we are good to <b>Schedule</b> it.<br><br>Then we are done with Scheduling our 4x tasks, and you will be returned to the Wizard Scheduler screen.