Please note that the fields devices need to be in version 1.223.12 minimum for this feature to work.

PCI type inspections consists of two phases - Phase 1 and Phase 2. 

Phase 1 is the initial stage usually this would be used for capturing outstanding issues when the Supervisor does a walkthrough with the client. When issues are captured at Phase 1 it will trigger a Phase 2 type inspection for sign off of the items when they are rectified.

In Phase 1, you can specify a set of adhoc questions marked against areas. Phase 2 consists of adhoc results - issues reported in Phase 1 and also can include certain statutory questions, optionally we can also enter sign off instructions if any these will be reflected under comments section in sign off screen.

Failure actions :

  •  'Generate maintenance issue,' this will create issues in maintenance scheduler based on issues reported in phase 1 PCI inspection, and allows for creation of tasks to rectify the issues. 
  •  'Generate Phase 2', upon completion of Phase 1 inspection creates Phase 2 inspection.

Below are the steps to configure PCI Inspections: 

  1. Set up phase 1 PCI template with failure actions such as 'Generate Maintenance Issues' and 'Generate Phase 2'. Inspections type as phase 1, optionally enter instructions if any these will be reflected under comments section in sign off screen. When saved, a Phase 2 template will be created automatically.
  2. Double click on Phase 1 inspection template, add questions (Adhoc questions) and areas on Phase 1. The same functionality as normal inspections applies. We suggest you set fail below to 1, comment below and photo bellow to -1, which means comments and photos aren't mandatory for this inspection. If these fields are set to 1 or above, then it becomes mandatory to attach a comment and photo if certain questions get triggered. 
  3. On save - Questions in phase 1 get mirrored on Phase 2 inspection template as Adhoc results.
  4.  Go to phase 2 PCI template and you can add Statutory questions. Ensure default result field is set to 1 for the questions to appear, if set to 0 or less then the questions will not appear.    5. Link Phase 1 PCI inspection template to a construction task. To do so, Administration >  Construction > Templates >  choose a template >  Edit > add a new template item > Inspections. Enter phase 1 PCI created in                step 1.

          6. Add validation entry with cdValidCode= MMSETTING, sgDisplay = MaintenanceScreenStatus and sgValue = AM, to get to Maintenance Scheduler screen after completion of Phase 1 inspection.