Configuring selections can be tricky.

Let's start with an example so it's a little easier to understand.

I want 'Roof Cover' to be a selection for the client.

In order to make it 'selectable' in the tender screen I need to set it up as per below instructions;

1. Create 'Roof Cover' as an option category (see [Admin] Create Tender Option Categories)

This will make it what we call a 'place holder' 

2. Now go to options and create 'Colourbond' as an option under the option category 'Roof Cover'

3. You will need to selection an option in the 'Sele Reqd' column in order to make Roof Cover a selectable item (this will depend on your requirements):

  • Same category
  • Different category
  • Alternate option
  • Name with a price range
  • Category with name and price range

4. Ensure you include a price against the option.

Select the option and then in the Price function section below add a price.

5. Now in the same option category 'Roof Cover' add the optional items in for the 'Roof Cover' 'Colourbond' 

e.g. the colours

6. Then go to Tender Packages and add 'Colourbond' as an option under the required packages

e.g. Inclusions

7. Once you have done this you can edit or create a new tender to see what the outcome is.

You will now be able to select the package 'Inclusions' 

8. Then in the options section for 'Roof Cover' there will be the selection 'Colourbond' and the row will be colured red.

This is to indicate that this item requires a selection.

Once you have checked the tickbox in pane 2, pane 3 on the right hand side will display the colours you can select from in the 'Choices' tab.

You will be able to choose from the various colours you added as other options under the 'Roof Cover' category.