Information For Builders

The Product Library is a tool for suppliers to use to add all of their products so you can link their products to your ClickHome Tenders module.

It includes detailed information such as; product specifications, prices, images, availability and expiry dates etc.

All of this product information will be pulled through to the ClickHome Tenders module once you register and select the suppliers you would like to obtain product details for.

The below details outline the steps you need to take to get ClickHome linked to the Product library.

1. Go to the Product Library website and create an account.

2. Wait for an email to arrive in your inbox from the ClickHome team confirming that your Builder's account has been setup.

This will not be immediate as some manual configuration is required by the ClickHome team first.

Example email:

Hi Steve,

Thanks for registering an account with the Product Library.

Your details have been verified and your account is ready for you.

Please login [login page hyperlink] to get started.

ClickHome Team

3. Once you have received the confirmation you can log into your account.

4. Upon logging in you will notice there is a subscription section at the top of the page.

Click on this to view all of the suppliers that have added products to the library.

This is where you will setup your subscriptions to each of them.

5. To link these suppliers and their products to your ClickHome Tenders module you'll need to subscribe to each of them individually by clicking on the checkbox next to the company names.

You can also use the checkbox at the very top to select all suppliers.

[If they have products these products will be displayed on the right hand side of the page when you click on the company name.]

6. After saving setting up subscriptions in the Product Library go to the ClickHome Tenders module.

Under development;

7. In the Admin section of the Tenders module click on 'Product Library Connection'.

8. Enter the email address and password you used to register your product library account and click save.

9. Then click Sync to start the process of pulling through all of the subscribed suppliers products into ClickHome. 

This might be a long process depending on how many products there are. We will email you when the process has been completed.

10. After this process is completed you can use the Sync button as well as your product library login to update your data and edit your subscriptions as required.

We will send you a weekly email notification of all new suppliers that have been added to the product library so you can subscribe to them. The notification will also include updates to products that suppliers you are subscribed to currently have made.