Issue categories and resource codes are used to categorise maintenance issues. The resource code in the maintenance issue is used to set the resource code in the maintenance task. The resource code in the maintenance task limits the suppliers and trades that can be assigned. To create a new issue category:

1. Navigate to Administration -> Company -> Issue Categories (need opcode 19922 - AdministrationIssueCategories)

2. Click on the "add new item" icon

3. Click on the save icon to save this new Issue Category before adding resource codes

4. From the dropdown on the right select resource codes to link to this category, they will appear underneath. Note that you can't delete resource codes, if you add the wrong one hit the refresh button to revert back to your previous save

5. From this screen it is also possible to correct any errors you have made when creating the issue category

6. Remember to save again once you are finished and happy with your changes