The ClickHome Land module provides a way to track all the opportunities and obligations associated with holding land for sale. They key points are:

  • Provide a register of Land that helps manage the opportunities and risks associated with selling Land
  • Track expiry of Put and Call Options, Exclusive access
  • Create multiple packages (House and Land) to provide opportunities for sales and marketing
  • Forecast and track Registration dates of Land to help in planning preconstruction and contract preparation workflows
  • Maintain accurate details about vendors, developers, solicitors and related parties to assist with planning and communication
  • Track deadlines and details of Rebates so maximise profit on Land sales.
  • Manage a separate workflow process for the acquisition of land - individually or in bulk, and a post sales approval workflow for finance and all related settlement activities.

Land Register

The following screen shows the Land Register - Quick details on the right hand side, you can do additional edits, and access the entire Land workflow from here.

Acquisition v Land

ClickHome will track separate records for initial Acquisition and Individual Land lots. The Acquisition workflow enables you to manage the process leading up to acquiring options on the land. At the point you commit to the land, the details of the acquisition can be used to create each individual lot of land - and the workflow for the land would relate to individual setup, rights, pricing etc - as well as preparing for marketing or reviewing individual caveats and conditions.

Track Caveats and Conditions

Setup of Land can record official Caveats as well as other conditions such as internal targets or requirements. These will be prompted to the sales person during the sales phase.

Spec Sales, House and Land Sales

Based on security settings, House and Land packages appear under the Spec Sales screen as a means of seeing all existing inventory. Sales people can record interest by their leads and commit to buy. The system allows multiple interest, and manages conflicts during the Commit to Buy phase.

You can control who can see and sell land and house and land packages, and also whether the sales person can customise or offer alternative houses on the existing land (instead of using the preconfigured house and land package).