To setup house types for tenders you need to go to;

1. Admin
2. Build Configuration
3. House Types

4. Click on the top row in the table ‘Click here to add a new row’

Then enter the mandatory fields;
5. House type name
6. Number of storeys
7. Total area
8. Click save

9. Now click on the ‘Details’ button next to the house type you have just added to start entering the bulk of the information for that house type.

The detailed house type page is broken down into;
Details, Notes, Tenders, Areas as well as a Document and Images section.


In the Details section add as much detail as you have for the house type.
The more information the better.
If the house type has been inherited from another house type you can indicate which one.


In the Note section enter the description of the house type which will be displayed to everyone as well as any additional notes.



Tender Pricing;

Add the price of the house type in the Prices section by clicking on the add button at the top right corner of the prices table.

When adding the prices you will firstly have to select the price level which as stated above, allows you to add a different house type price for different regions or areas however if you don’t have different areas you can just choose the default price level.
Select the price level
Then select an effective date for that price
The cost price
The sell price


Now, in the Areas section enter as much detail as you have for the house type.
The more information the better.

Documents and Image;

Finally, in the Documents and Images section add any relevant documents and images.
Click on the … button to find the file
Select the file
Click Open
Then click upload

The attachment will be uploaded when it appears in the box below (as per the next screenshot) To continue adding more files click on the … button again and continue.

To finalise the house type setup;
Click save in the top right hand corner of the page to save all of the house type details.