The tenders list is in the navigation menu at the top of the page;

There are several buttons and filters on this page, let's go through them;

1. Copy Selected Tender

2. Edit Selected Tender

3. Estimate Selected Tender

4. Add new Tender Variation

5. Refresh

6. Filter to display the rejected tenders

7. Filter to display the expired tenders

8. Filter to display the variations underneath their respective tenders

It's important to note that if you enter the tenders list this way you can't create a tender.

This is because a tender needs to be linked to a lead or preconstruction job so this list is good for viewing all tenders and editing them but if you want to create a tender you need to go via the lead or preconstruction job or even via the land.

If you would like to use one of the buttons as described above then first highlight the specific tender or variation that you would like to action by clicking on it once.

After you have done this you can then; copy it, edit or estimate it or add a variation to it (only if the tender is at contract status).

If you would like to sort within the list instead then please use the filters to assist with this.

Showing the variations in a nested form is a nice way to view the tender