In MobileLeads, we have a cold leads storage called Deadpool this is a list of leads that were previously managed but have gone cold. Your sales consultants can routinely access this list in an attempt to reinvigorate the Prospects that have lost interest and once they've regained their interest can take back the lead into their own hands.

To configure this, please contact your consultants. Based on your business requirements certain rules need to be in place to determine which leads go to Deadpool and which leads get cancelled outright.

Once the lead is assigned to the Deadpool lists, you can then accept the lead. In order to view the leads in the Deadpool, change the search mode to Deadpool.

You can also accept the lead from the lead summary screen.

Once we have accepted the lead from the Deadpool lists, a note is added to keep track of how many times this lead was taken from the Deadpool lists.

Technical Setup:

Inserting a Backend job 5801 when Lead turns to Deadpool.

Following opcodes are required:

Contract Lead View In Dead Pool (5800)

Contract Lead Add to Dead Pool (5801)

Contract Lead Remove From Dead Pool (5802)