Appointments and Reminders allows the users to track and record communication with the client, as well as configure times for appointments, and reminders of various sorts of activities in ClickHome.


The types of notes and activities that can be created against a job are as follows:

  1. Reminder - Just a single reminder
  2. Note - A simple note with text - can optionally have a reminder added
  3. Meeting - This has a start time and a duration, and can have a reminder added
  4. Phone Call - This should be used to record notes about a phone call.
  5. Text Message - This should be used to record an SMS or Text Message sent to the client.
  6. Package Sent - Record details about sending something for the job, eg brochures, contracts.
  7. Package Received - Record details about receiving something for the job - eg Signed Contracts.
  8. Email - Send an email to the client.

Creating a Simple Note with a Reminder

Provide a subject, enter some notes , and if you need a reminder to follow it up, add a date and time for the reminder to come up.

The note and the reminder time are shown below.

Creating a Basic Reminder

Enter a subject and a description, and the date and time of the reminder.

Creating a Meeting with a Reminder

Enter a subject, description, set a time for the meeting, and optionally add a reminder.

Receiving and Viewing Reminders

After waiting a while, 2:35pm passed and the reminder appears in the top menu bar of the application.

InSource Values:

InSource column in tblNotes identifies the source of the note.

Source- not specified = 0
System note (e.g. Reminder)= 1
iPad = 2
Silverlight/H5/MobileLeads = 3
JobFile = 4
Webleads =5
MyHome = 6
Exchange = 7
External notes = 8