The ClickHome Windows Service runs a function called the Document Groveller.

Document groveller is responsible for monitoring a specified folder on the local machine or on the network share. Whenever a document is created or edited the in the specified folder or its subfolder document groveller verifies its file type and identifies its full path, contract number and document category. The information returned is stored in an object call DocumentWatcher.Document.

Document groveller identifies the document using pre-configured regular expression. Only document that has file extension matching one of the given file types and that matches any of the regular expressions are returned.
Why is it called Groveller? It is a synonym for Crawler which is what most web search engines are referred to.

This makes it easy for your staff to use your existing shared network drive/company folder/G Drive etc that already has all your documents, and quickly bring them into ClickHome to make them easy to find and share.