Throughout the life of the project or contract, from initial sales inquiries and marketing material to maintenance letters and photos, there is a need to store, track and manage documentation in an easy to find, easy to use way.

Documents can include estate and developer brochures, technical documentation, photos, letters, contracts and quotes.

ClickHome can be used to store and manage all of this, or you can store the documents on another file share server and have ClickHome simply track those documents.

Viewing Documents

A common way for documents to be stored is simply against the contract. ClickHome can store the documents against different each of the different job types, or against the task, or even against the tender. 

A list of all documents uploaded against a task can be viewed by clicking on the individual task item in the main Tasks Screen section. 

E.g. to view the documents uploaded to the task Receive Soil Test Report, click on the task in the Tasks section. 

Clicking on the task will open the task. Scroll down till you can see the Document section. The documents attached to the task is not visible. To download the document, click on the blue download icon. The document section within the task only displays the topmost recent documents. To view all documents attached to the task click on See more as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Clicking on See more will navigate to the main Documents Screen for that task. To download a document click on the document that you wish to download.

The following popup will be displayed. Click on the Download button to download the document.

Viewing documents from the infopanel

The list of documents attached to a contract can be viewed from the Contract and Task level. 

E.g to view the list of documents added to the lead's stage, navigate to the Lead user interface for that job. In the info panel on the right, scroll down till the Documents section is visible. 

Click on the Documents drop-down to display the latest documents attached to this job. To view the entire list of documents associated with this job click on See More. Clicking on See More will navigate to the main Documents Screen that displays all documents related to that particular job.  

Updating an incorrect document


To update an incorrect document, click on the edit icon next to the download icon. If the document is not visible in the Documents section, click on See More to display all documents associated with this task.

Clicking on See More will display all the documents associated with the task. Click on the document that needs to be updated.

To update the document, update the required fields and click on the Edit Document button. The following information can be updated:

  • Title: The title of the document can be updated in this field.
  • Category: The document category can be updated in this field.
  • Description: The description of the document can be added/updated in this field.
  • MyHome: The MyHome toggle switch to enable or disable the document to be visible in the MyHome user interface.
  • JobFile: The JobFile toggle switch to enable or disable the document to be visible in the JobFile user interface.

View and download all documents uploaded against the job (not at the task level)

A list of all documents uploaded against a Pre-Construction job can be viewed by navigating to the Pre-Construction section of the contract. 

To navigate to the Pre-Construction section, click on Pre-Site on the left navigation bar. A list of contracts will appear after clicking on Pre-Site. Select the contract from the list of contracts as shown in the screenshot below:


The number of documents attached to the job at various stages is also visible as highlighted in the screenshot below in the Master Contract screen. In the below example, 10 documents are attached to the Lead stage and 21 documents are attached to the Preconstruction stage. Click on it to navigate to the main Documents screen for the job. 

Navigating to the documents section from the contract level

Navigation to the documents section for a job is also possible using the bread-crumb trail located in the top section of the user interface. 

E.g. To navigate to the Documents section from the main Pre-Construction Screen, hover the mouse over Pre-Construction from the top breadcrumb trail, which will activate a drop-down menu. Click on Documents from the drop-down to navigate to the main Documents Screen section. 

The main Documents Screen section lists all documents attached to the job and is sorted by document category. 

To view a detailed list of documents, change the Display Mode from Grid view to table view.

To download a document click on the download icon against the document.

Uploading Documents 

The upload of the document can be done from the Documents Screen. There are multiple ways to navigate to the Documents screen. 

On the main Contracts Screen, click on Documents in the Leads, Pre-Construction or Construction section as shown in the screenshot below to be navigated to the Documents  screen. 

On the main Document Screen screen, click on the Add Document button as shown in the screenshot below. 

Documents can also be added from the Leads, Preconstruction or Contract user interface by clicking on the New drop-down menu, on the top right corner, and selecting New Document from the list.

Clicking on the Add Document/New Document button opens the add document popup. The following fields are visible:

  • Document: The document that is being attached to the task.
  • Title: This is a mandatory field to display the title of the document. This field is auto-populated with the document name but can be edited by deleting the document name and typing the custom document name. This field is a
  • Category: This is a mandatory field describing the type of document, whether a construction certificate, contract document, client email, invoice, photo, etc. 
  • Description: This is an optional field to add a description/note regarding the document being attached.

To add more than one document, click on the Add Document button. After adding all documents, click on the Upload Document button to upload the documents to the contract.



The following screen shot shows the Silverlight application with documents against the Preconstruction Job, and also shown is the documents node for the File to Admin task.

Uploading Documents

  1. Click on the little document icon with the plus symbol.
  2. Enter a document title
  3. MyHome (Client) visible and 
  4. JobFile (Supplier) visible usually comes from the document category, but can be overridden.
  5. Select the document category
  6. Browse for and select the file from your computer.
  7. Press OK.

Document Categories

ClickHome provides a list of standard document categories.

IDNameJob FileMyHomeField Device




9Inspection Photo

10Product Specification

11Product Image

12Product Brochure

13Maintenance Photo

14Tender Quote

15Supplier Quote

16Client Email
17Purchase Order

18Activity Report


20Supplier Photo

21Supplier Invoice

22Claim Invoice
23Profile Photo

24PO Data Upload

25Client Signature
26Signed Tender
27Signed Contract
28Signed Variation
29House & Land Brochure

30Land Contract

31Land Caveats

32Development Application

33Building Application

34Construction Certificate

35Supplier Insurance Certificate

36Building Insurance CertificateY

37Estate PlanY

38Estate Brochure

39House Siting

40Site PlansY
41Initial Plans

42Detailed PlansY
43Client Uploads
44Client Progress Photo
45Requisition Report

46Client Profile Photo

47Contact Profile Photo

48Supplier Document

49Requisition Photo


It is possible to add new document categories (with id > 1000), and also to change the default settings for MyHome, JobFile and Field Device. There is no administrations screen for this, please raise a ticket with your required change.