If you would like to set your colours up with different prices you will need to set them up as options.

Once you have created an Option Category in Adminstration > Tenders > Option Categories

e.g. 'Colourbond Fencing' 

(which might be under the Primary Category of 'Colours' or you might want it under 'Fencing' or 'Landscaping' or something else)

Then you can go to the Options page and create each colour as an option within that category

e.g. Surfmist, Evening Haze, Dune, Cove, Mangrove, Basalt, Monument

Now that you have all of the colours for the fencing added as options, you can add prices (and images if you want to) to each option.

Click on the 'Details' button next to each option and all of the editing tabs will open.

Go to 'Price Functions' for the pricing and 'Documents & Images' if you want to add an image of the colour