ClickHome is an application to help companies in the residential construction market manage most aspects of their business. Many clients use the system differently from others, but the following should help understand where ClickHome fits into a building companies IT systems.

What ClickHome Is:

  • CRM System - Customer Relationship Management - we track all interactions, notes, emails, tasks, documents and we can import and integrate with financial systems to present a single view of the relationship you have with your customers.
  • Sales Force Automation - ClickHome Leads, Land and Tenders modules help companies track and measure potential leads, sales activities, preparing pricing and proposals for clients and managing inventory with Spec Sales.
  • Workflow Management - At the core of ClickHome is a workflow management engine that manages task allocation and custom business processes to ensure your staff stay on top of the jobs and follow your routines step by step.
  • Project Management - Built on top of the workflow engine, ClickHome can be used to plan, allocate and schedule tasks to internal and external (trades, suppliers and subcontractors) teams to get the work done. It also provides baselines, forecasting and resource management.
  • Customer Service - ClickHome provides a maintenance module to manage and service post construction issues and warranty work.
  • Customer Portal - ClickHome provides a portal called MyHome which allows you to generate a customised client portal with your branding to improve communication with your client.

What ClickHome is not:

  • ClickHome is not an estimating system - You will probably have an existing estimating system such as WMS, DataBuild, BusinessCraft, Beams or Constructor
  • ClickHome is not a financial or accounting system - You will probably have an existing system such as Dynamics AX, Xero, DataBuild, Beams, Constructor or BusinessCraft
  • ClickHome is not a drawing system - You will probably use Archicad or Autocad, or others
  • ClickHome is not a document management system - We track and manage documents, but we do not support versioning or document history.