Definition: a minimum or starting point used for comparisons.

The Baseline is a set of dates that should provide a common basis for comparing the actual performance of a job in a consistent way. The baseline is calculated by considering if which tasks are included or excluded based on PO matching, excluding weekends and non-working days such as holidays, factoring in relative scale of the job (by job size allowed days or PO scaling), but not factoring future possibilities such as weather events, faster subcontractor teams, changes to the expected schedule such as a very optimistic supervisor might make.


Definition: predict or estimate (a future event or trend).

The Forecast is a set of dates that provide a measure of past, current and expected performance. Any task that is completed, the actual completion date is recorded as the forecast date for what happened ie actual performance. Planned task dates are considered a forecast start, unless the planned date is in the past - in this case, either the current date is used, or if the setting (ClickHome.ForecastProcess.TreatPlannedAsStartedLead) is set to true, in which case it will use the planned date in the past.

Forecast will consider the relative performance of assigned trades and subcontractors, weekends and non-working days, relative job size, supervisors changes and dates such as planned, started and due to be completed, ignoring PO excluded tasks etc.

Calculation Method

ClickHome uses the PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) method for analysing projects and jobs to determine forecast and baseline.