• This is the easy part, follow your normal routine for performing a SQL backup of the Production database.
  • This is our process when backing up a database before upgrading a client:

1. Take a backup of the database

2. Ensure that Copy-Only Backup is selected

3. Press "Add" and create a file called "ClickHome3Prod_Date.bak"

4. Press "OK" to start backup


  • Make sure the ClickHome Windows Services for Test is stopped. 
  • Advise all users using the ClickHome Test Environment that the system will be down until the following steps are completed.
  • Stop the ClickHome Test App Pools in IIS to terminate all users activity
    In this example below - I am using ClickHome3_JobFileDemo as my test system
  • Perform a Restore from the copy of the backup - take all necessary care to ensure you do no overwrite the production database.

  • On the general page under Source, select "Device" and then select the back up file you created as the source of data for the restoration.
  • Make sure the destination is set to the database you're wanting to restore over, so we're restoring the data from production over the test database here:

  • Ensure the Files and Log are set to restore as ClickHome3Test and not as the Production environment:

  • Under Options, select "Overwrite the Existing Database (WITH REPLACE)" and untick "Tail-log Backup" 

  • Double check all your selections are correct, making sure you're restoring the right database with the right the source and then hit "OK" to begin
  • All query windows and processes will need to be stopped in order for this to work.


There is some clean-up of ClickHome settings that is required when restoring production over test. Things such as messaging settings, user reports, activity reports, and JobFile connection details need to be removed so that the test environment does not send out any incorrect data from the test environment.

Please contact Support or your Consultant for some standard clean-up scripts.