1. Select the Job, then select the type of job(This job is L617) it is eg. Lead, Preconstruction, Construction .

2. Click the Job type on the top left and a drop down list will appear.

3. Select Notes.

-Here you can see the notes section which will contain all the notes relating to this Job.

-Click on the button + Add Note.

1. Now you will be able to populate these fields containing information on what the note is attempting to communicate.

2. Make sure Note type selection is 'Note'.
3. Make sure to Add a Subject of your Note(This is a mandatory field so must populated).

4. You can Tag users on the Note.

5. The last field should contain information about the note.

6. ****Make sure to Mark the 'Sticky' selection so it turns blue***** 

   This ensures that it becomes a Sticky note and not a regular Note.

7. You can also set a Reminds for the sticky note.

8. Once you click 'Create Note' the sticky note will be created.

-The Sticky note can now be seen on the right hand side under 'Sticky Notes'. A Sticky note will always appear in yellow.

-A Sticky note will still be visible even when not in the notes section.

-As long as you are viewing that Job the sticky note for that particular job will be visible.