Manual Job Numbering

When the job is created, the user can manually enter the number. This is applicable only for Land, Preconstruction and Construction Jobs.

Automatic Job Number by Job Type

Automatic Job Number can be configured by Business Unit. These are inheritable settings

See instructions to edit settings

Job Numbering has 3 parts to it:

  • Prefix - stored in field Text 1
  • Suffix - stored in field Text 2
  • Numerical incrementing value - stored in Value 1 - this part changes each time a contract is generated for this business unit (or child business unit) and job type.


Land is entered manually when the Land jobs are created.


Leads are always automatically numbered.  This is stored in the setting ClickHome.Leads.NextContractNo


Preconstruction jobs can be manually numbered, or they can be generated automatically using the settings in ClickHome.Preconstruction.NextContractNo

Additionally, the Preconstruction jobs can be numbered using a flex field value entered against the Lead.

In the flex field - the External Reference must be set to "LEADS_PRESITE_CONTRACT_NO"


Construction jobs usually follow on directly from Preconstruction. If Preconstruction is not used then Construction numbers will either be manually entered, or automatically generated using the setting ClickHome.Construction.NextContractNo.


Maintenance jobs are number from the Construction job - with a suffix. The suffix is stored in ClickHome.Maintenance.Padding