All the information in this folder is for system administrators. End users are not able to directly manage, create or administer back end jobs.

The ClickHome Windows Service play an important role in the ClickHome system. Not every action, record update or process happens when a user is online to press a button and wait for the result. Many things happen behind the scenes when users are not watching. These include:

  • Sending messages to suppliers and staff about tasks
  • Generated scheduled reports
  • Running Back End Jobs
  • Performing Integration
  • Tracking file system changes with Groveller

It is important that the service be running all the time, and if callup messages are not going out, or you are not receiving regular reports, or data is not integrating from other systems, this should be the first thing to check.

there are several ways to get alerted in case a service does not respond, one simple one is setting up a powershell