MyHome provides an easy way to create a feature packed, professional looking website that your customers can log into. Provide the extra level of customer service that your clients are searching for, while conveniently saving time yourself - It's a win-win for both builder & client.

For most of your customers, building a new home is one of the biggest decisions they will make, a decision which requires a constant flow of information. The easier that information is to find – the more likely they will choose you as their builder.

When a client can quickly log in to see the progress of their build, they save you time by reducing the demand on your existing communication channels.

Another major benefit is the ability for clients to answer their own questions, by going to the website and checking a document, recent photo or the current progress. If they cannot find the information they need, they can message the builder via MyHome.

For the client, this often means getting an issue out of their mind instead of brooding over it until they can get hold of someone. For the builder, it means that your staff will have fewer interruptions to their normal day’s work to answer phone calls.