There are 2 views of the Call Sheet, dependent on your user configuration you will either navigate to the Stage Callsheet or the Flat call sheet. You can switch between the two by toggling the Stage View on or off.

Staged Call Sheet

The stage view allows you to condense your callsheet into individual stages. It will give you an overview of the number of tasks within a stage. The duration of the stage. And the progress of the overall stage.

Normal / Flat Callsheet

The flat view will show you all tasks in the callsheet regardless of the stage, this makes it easier to see all tasks that go across different stages.

Call Sheet Basic Layout

The Call Sheet is much like the standard paper call sheet. It contains a list of all tasks that are needed to construct the house. By either PO matching and/or removing optional tasks the call sheet is reduced to the tasks that are required for the client’s specific variation of the house.

The following items are visible in the Callsheet.

Task – This is the task the Supervisor has to “Call” at the appropriate time.

Supplier - The supplier allocated to the task if this process has taken place. The supplier can be allocated by being preallocated in the call sheet template, by PO matching or selected by the supervisor.

Call. Date – the date the Supervisor requested (i.e. called) the trade or supplier to undertake the tasks.

Plan. date – the date that the supervisor has scheduled the trade or supplier to start the task.

Start Date – the date the task was actually started.

Cmp Date – the actual completion date of the task.

Est. Date – the estimate date for the completion of this task taking into account the performance of the prior completed tasks.

Base Date – the baseline date for the completion of this task.

Note Icon – This column indicates that the task has an internal note 

Instruction Icon - The Van icon indicates that there is a custom instruction for the trade or supplier

Link Icon - This Icon indicates the number of associated Linked tasks with this specific Key Task (The Task itself will be BLUE)

Document Icon - The Document Icon will be shown if there are linked Documents associated with the Callup (eg the task has been called up with Plans or Addenda)

Call sheet icon – an icon indicating the condition of the task. It is via this icon that most of the navigation from here takes place. See Task Icons definitions following.

Task Icon Definitions

See the table below for a breakdown of task icons and their meanings.