Column Breakdown

See the sections below for a breakdown of column displayed in the Job List of the ClickHome Field Operations app.

Highlighted Row

A highlighted row indicates that the job has had an action performed in the last 24 hours.

Job Days Ahead

  • The job number is displayed in black text at the top of the section.
  • Underneath this number, the days currently ahead or behind is displayed.
  • If there is a sticky note attached to this job, then a yellow sticky note icon will be displayed.

Lot Address / Client

  • The address will be displayed at the top of the section after the maps pin symbol.
  • The client name and satisfaction will be displayed underneath.


  • The current stage of the job will be displayed in this section.


There are three icons that are displayed in this section:

Inspection: This icon will be filled in blue if there are any outstanding inspections for the job. This icon can also be selected to navigate directly the job's inspection section. 
Job Not Ready: This icon will be filled in with colour if there are issues on site that prevented the trades from starting work. This icon can also be selected to navigate directly the job's JNR section.
Status: This icon changes colour depending on the stage that the job is currently in. This icon can also be selected to navigate directly the job's call sheet. 


House Icon Colours

There are five possible colours that the house will be displayed as:

Call sheet has not been downloaded.
New discussions have been downloaded.
Job has not had the scheduling status marked as complete.
Job has a scheduling status of complete.
Job is part of a project. When clicked a pop-up menu will give the options of navigating to the call sheet, project jobs or common call sheet.

House Secondary Icon

There are eight possible secondary icons that will be displayed next to the house:

Job is active.
Job is finalising.
Job is on hold.
Job is in maintenance.
Job is pending.
Job is stopped.
Job is closed.
Job is cancelled.