A split task is a duplicate of the original task and is used by the Supervisor when there is a need for more than one call out or notice of the task to the supplier. The two options given are to enable the system to label the task so that the purpose of the call out is more obvious.

Instructions – this option labels the split task with // Instructions so that a call out can be generated with additional instructions for the supplier / trade.

Multiple Callup – this option labels the task as // Multiple Callup and is used when there is more than one delivery required for a supply that is not already set up in the call Sheet. It used to split deliveries of sand etc. when there is limited room at site.

If a split task is requested on a task that is already scheduled, the Advance notice option is replaced by Callback which creates a new task with // Callback added to the task description. The communications to the Supplier is therefore identified as a Callback.