From the Job Details or Callsheet use the action button to go to the Wizard

Once the Wizard option is selected, this will appear. There are 2 options: Active and Schedule. Please read below for a detailed description on what each section does and how to use it. 

Active Tab

The Active Tab contains a list of all Scheduled Tasks that have not been marked as complete. To Update a task’s completion percentage, select it from the list. The slider can be set to that task’s current completion percentage. Slide the bar to mark the task as being more complete, and if you want to mark the task fully complete drag the bar to 100%. Once a Scheduled Task has been marked completed, it will be removed from the list.

Checklists that have an ‘*’ at the start of the checklists detail indicate that the checklist is mandatory. These checklists must be checked off before the item can be completed.

Shortcut: You can complete multiple tasks and then click Save Completions once.

Schedule Tab

The Schedule Tab displays a list of all tasks that have not yet been scheduled. The Base Menu provides a Sort option to order the tasks displayed in one of three options.

To schedule tasks, tick all the desired tasks and click the Schedule option. The scheduling screen will be brought up for each task ticked, UNLESS it is a Linked Task that has a valid supplier.

After selecting a task and clicking on Schedule in the Base Menu, the normal schedule screen appears.