Projects are a set of homes that can be built together and called up at the same time, either a Unit development, Townhouses or Buildgroups.

By clicking the Icon a sub menu appears with the following options:

Callsheet – this will display the call sheet for the lead job.

View Project Jobs – this will list the jobs that belong to this lead job.

Common Callsheet – this will display a summary call sheet covering all sub jobs.

Projects – Common Call Sheet

The summary call sheet lists the tasks showing a count of how many of the jobs have the task as part of its call sheet and the overall percentage complete for the combined tasks. If there are two jobs with the same task and one task is complete and the other task isn’t started, then the percentage complete will be 50%.

Working with Common Tasks

Clicking on a task in the Summary Call Sheet will open a summarized version of the task from all jobs in the project that have the task. The project lead job number, location and task name are displayed. A tabbed menu at the top of the screen identifies the action to be performed i.e. Schedule or Completion.

To identify which of the jobs that are going to be actioned together, a tick box is provided on the second line of each job display.

The List option on the Base Menu provides for the ticking (and unticking) of the boxes based on a number of criteria. See following:-

As with any task scheduling, the two components required to achieve a schedule is the trade / supplier and a planned start date. The date is selected at the bottom right of the screen and the supplier is selected by clicking on the Supplier name space and selecting a supplier the same way as with a standard task by bringing up the supplier search screen.

To process the selected job / tasks, the Base Menu option Processing provides three alternatives.

Schedule all tasks selected on the same day.

Use Forecast – uses the forecast day of the tasks.

Supplier Spread  – Using the duration, the tasks allocated are spread so that they do not occur on the same day if the supplier is the same. If there were many tasks it is spread so that each supplier is allocated the work so that they are not doing more jobs than they can handle. The number of jobs the supplier can do at the same time is determined by the Production Units specified in the supplier set up in ClickHome System.

After the supplier is selected and the date established, it is essential to schedule the selections.

Projects – Task Completion

If the completion tab is selected,. By simply ticking the box for start and complete the tasks for the job selected is started and completed at today’s date. The start and complete can be processed days apart and the slide bar used to identify the percentage complete.
Again the Processing option Process must be selected to apply the changes.