Access to the inspection functions within Mobile Manager for iPad is from a variety of ways.

• From the Home Screen Inspection icon
• From the Job Details the inspection tab
• From the Task Detail Inspection tab

Home Screen – Inspection Icon

For a list of all Inspections click on the Inspections icon on the Home screen.

Call Sheet – Inspection Icon

If a Job has a pending Inspection, the Job List will show the inspection Icon in blue

Inspections Selection

This screen is a list of inspections for either all jobs on the Device, an individual job or the individual task. There is a Base Menu option of List that provides a filter that will give the options of Pending, Finalised or Failed Inspections.

Inspection Detail

The Inspection details and results are recorded in a series of screens identified by their Tab.

Prepare Tab

This will give an overview of the inspection and the Instructions entered in the Inspections template are displayed. Select the “Click to select supplier” if the inspection has generated its own task and a supplier is needed for the inspection.

The Areas possible in this inspection are listed and those selected are the areas that do not require to be inspected. Those not selected are the ones that require inspection.

Inspect Tab

For each area requiring inspection the full list of questions must be answered. The answer options for each question were defined when creating the questions during the Inspections template creation process.

Photo Tab

It is possible to tag photos to the inspection, failures or some questions will always require them.
When the show Mandatory box is ticked the question(s) listed will be filtered to those that require a photo due to the rating of the question being lower than the value set up in the template below which a photo must be taken using the Device.
Click on the icon to take the photo using the Device. Unticking the Mand. Box will list all the questions and a photo can be added to any of the tasks.

Review Tab

The review tab looks at what has been entered for the Inspection and lists any questions that haven’t been completely satisfied.

This screen needs to contain no entries for an Inspection to be completed. It also provides the ability to add a General Comment for the whole of the Inspection.

Sign Tab

This screen will only allow you to finalise once all actions are complete.
The keyboard can then be used to enter the name of the signatories. The first is mandatory but the second is optional. (e.g. Supervisor and Trade / Supplier)
The person can sign that the inspection has taken place and the results entered.

The Finalise Inspection button can then be used to complete the inspection. The Save menu option can be used to hold all the details entered so far but will not Finalise the Inspection. This enables the entry of the detail available and the ability to return to enter the remaining data at a later time. The results of the inspection cannot be changed after the screen has been signed on the basis that the person signing is confirming the accuracy of the results. The signature can be cleared away by clicking the Clear Sig 1 or 2 button.

Once finalised, the Finalise Inspection button is greyed out and cannot be used.

Ad Hoc inspection

The ability for a Supervisor to generate an Ad Hoc inspection is also available on the Device. It is initiated from a task and is selected from those Inspection templates that have been identified as AdHoc. The Supervisor selects the appropriate Inspection and completes it as normal and then synchronizes to allow it to download to SiteManager.

Select a task in the usual manner and from the Action menu, select New Inspection.

Select the Ad Hoc Inspection required by clicking on it.