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Job List 






Late  Confirmations

If the task schedule has not had a response from a trade or supplier within 24 hours then the tasks are listed and can be directly opened from the Late Confirmation List.

Rejected Confirmations

If a trade is unable to book in the work, they will reject the task either all out or with an alternative date, the task will be listed and can be opened from here.

Job Not Ready

If a trade or supplier has been booked in, but could not start the work when they arrived on site, they would mark the job as 'Not Ready' these jobs need attention and rebooking of the associated tasks.

Late Call Ups

A task will be listed here if the task has not been scheduled and the estimated start (Expected Call Date) is late based on the progress of the job and the notice period of the associated task (eg a cabinet maker might need 2 weeks notice, however the work could be started 1 week from now).

This can be used as a short cut to all outstanding callups, regardless of what job it belongs to.

Today’s Tasks

The tasks that are allocated to the Supervisor to do. eg. Inspections or Client meetings.


This shows a calendar view of all tasks for all jobs for the day/week or month.

Failed Messages
Failed Messages shows failed faxes.
• No Action – those failed messages that have not been actioned
• Mark Done – those failed messages that have been actioned and are now marked done. This would normally apply to phone calls.
• Resend – those failed messages that have been resent.

Phone Calls Due
This screen displays any phone calls that are required for call outs that have not been confirmed as being made and where the trade or supplier is to be contacted by Phone.


This is a list of tasks that have been especially identified as delivery tasks that must be checked by the supervisor to ensure they have happened.

Suppliers Required

The display identifies the tasks that are due that don’t have a supplier allocated. The task can be opened from this screen to enable the scheduling of the task to a specific trade or supplier

Next 5 days

This is a shortcut of the calendar view for tasks that are happening the next 5 days.

Actions Per Day

This shows a history of the actions performed in the past (eg the number of schedules, inspections etc).