Prerequisite Configure PCI inspections : Configure PCI inspections

The Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) is a special type of inspection that allows the Supervisor to create adhoc defects and capture sign off for these issues.

To perform a PCI inspections, follow the steps below :

  1.  Once a PCI inspection task has been scheduled, go to the job and click on Inspection and navigate to the task - phase 1 inspection.

       2. The Phase 1 PCI has three screens: 

  •   Overview - instructions and supplier.
  •   Inspect - Report the issues against area, add comments and attach pictures. 
  •   Sign off screen - Co-Signing of Supervisor and Home Owner.


            In the Inspect screen, supervisor can select the areas where the defect was found and make a clear description of each defect by adding comments and attaching pictures. E.g : during a Garage walk through, the Owner finds the garage door does not open fully, if there is a defect found then the supervisor can make a comment in the description area of the issue and can also add photos if required.



       3.  Once the phase 1 is signed off and finalized, Sync the iPad.

           Completion of phase one PCI inspection means that all defects have been captured and proceeds with fix ups to resolve them.

       4. At this stage, issues in maintenance scheduler will be created based on issues reported in phase 1 PCI inspection. This will create tasks to rectify the issues. In parallel to this Phase 2 inspection will be created.


          Go to job details screen and open the side menu to go to maintenance scheduler. 

          Once the tasks are created against the issues, they will appear at the bottom of the screen.




           5.  After all items are resolved you can now complete the Phase 2 inspection. All Issues recorded in phase 1 inspections will be listed at the top and other statutory questions will appear at the bottom. In order to finalise phase 2 inspections all the items must be fully ticked off to indicate full satisfaction by Home Owner.




            6. Once the finalise inspection option is enabled in phase 2, this means that all the criteria's for PCI inspection are met and can be completed. If the finalise inspection option is greyed out, go to inspect screen (step 5) and check for areas which are incomplete.