Creating Issues

Navigate to the job and through the action button go to Issue Scheduler.

To Add an Issue click on the Add Icon and select Issues:

Fill in the details to create a new Issue.

Once an issue is created you can add photos by clicking on the document icon

Creating Tasks from Issues

To create a task from an issue, highlight the issue and click on the action button add task. A popup will appear which asks you to name the new task.

You can now schedule this task, the issue description will be added as the Trade Instruction. And any photos assigned against the issue can be linked to the callup.

A single Issue could generate multiple tasks, eg a plumbing leak might require a plumber to fix up a leak and a painter to repaint some of the damages.

Assigning Multiple issues

There are times that you have multiple issues that can be resolved by 1 task callup. eg. Paint chips in multiple rooms can be solved by 1 painter callback.

You can link up multiple issues by dragging the task onto the issue, the issue is now linked to the task and the description will be added to the trade instruction.

Changing Resource Code

When creating a task from an issue, the Issue Resource will be added to the task, however sometimes you will need a secondary trade to fix up after the original item has been fixed (eg Painter to come in after Plumbing has been fixed). To change the resource assigned, navigate to the Change Resource Code button on the action links.

Signing Off Issues

Once all defects have been rectified you can get the client to sign off that all issues have been solved by going to the Acknowledgement screen:

Here you can tick the items completed and sign on the iPad.