This document will explain how to configure Tenders reports in ClickHome so that they appear in both Silverlight and MobileLeads.

The first step is to ensure that the user permissions are setup correctly to have access to generate the reports.

The operation codes are:

  • Send Client Tender Report (12405)
  • Tender Print Report (12407)

Next the reports themselves must be uploaded to ClickHome via Silverlight in the Master Reports page with the correct settings relevant to the report


Then the placeholders for the tender reports (as per below) need to be setup and each of these requires it's own validation entry:

  • ClickHome.Tenders.InitialReport 
  • ClickHome.Tenders.ClientQuoteReport 
  • ClickHome.Tenders.ContractReport
  • ClickHome.Tenders.VariationReport

The validation entry is as per below with a reference to the master report that you uploaded placed into the field fkidOther:

FInally, if the ClickHome.Reports.RootUrl validation entry isn't populated then the reports won't work.

The value for this can be put into sgText1 and will be the same as the URL used to access Silverlight for that environment without the 'default.aspx' at the end