ClickHome will download and manage approval of any invoices submitted by Suppliers from JobFile.

Invoices created in JobFile automatically get pushed to ClickHome and downloaded.

Invoices can be managed in ClickHome according to the rules you determine for your business. Each invoice can be either rejected, approved, integrated or directed to the relevant supervisor or manager, as follows:

  • Invoice can have 4 statuses - Paid (paid date specified), Approved for Payment (expected paid date optional), Received (default), Rejected (optionally with comment/reason)
  • Change of status synchronised back to JobFile - and updated Invoice status (and dates and comments visible)
  • The invoice (pdf or other format) document downloaded from JobFile can be used and sent to the supervisor or manager on their field device for review and approval. See Approvals.
  • The invoice data can be integrated to your accounting system for payment (pending customisation of the integration for your system).