ClickHome Advanced Planning allows supervisors to provide some advance planning of dates against each task in a way that is not visible or shared with the suppliers and trades until a more appropriate time closer to the planned task. 

The benefits of this is that:

  • Suppliers will not be Rejecting call-ups due to ‘Excessive Lead Time’ 

  • Suppliers receiving multiple reschedules which is time consuming and potentially confusing to them.  

  • Supervisors forgetting to reschedule and Suppliers going to site where the Jobs are not ready. 

To achieve these benefits Supervisors can use advanced planning. A supervisor can schedule work far in advance, however ClickHome will not send the Call-up until a certain period before the Plan date has been reached. This is being calculated based on the Advanced Planning delay and the Lead time that needs to be taken into account.

Lets take an example: your Bricklayer needs 1 weeks notice. A supervisor schedules in the Bricklayer 3 weeks in advance and Reschedules a few times to get the exact date right. ClickHome will not send any Call-ups during this period. If the advanced planning delay is configured to be 3 days, then 1 week + 3 days before the Bricklayer needs to be on site, ClickHome will send a call-up. Any reschedules within the lead time will operate as normal and will generate Call-ups.


for info on how to configure Advanced Planner please see here.