To Configure the Advanced Planner all you need to do is add advanced plan days on the template.

To turn off the feature set advance Plan days to -1.

To turn on the feature, change the value to 0 or higher means send the Callup X days before the Notice (Lead time) Period.

Example if the Advanced Plan days are 3 and your Lead Period is 5 days:

Then 8 working days before the plan date will ClickHome send the Callup.

When a call-up has not been sent, yet the task has been scheduled. A clock icon will appear.

Once the callup has been sent the icon will change to a red box (blue box when accepted by Vendor).

NOTE: Below MMSetting relates to using advance planner ('Send Message When Ready') as default - Supervisor (may still have ability to select 'Schedule Normal' (i.e. schedule right away).

For the "Send Message When Ready" option to appear when scheduling a task you must specify in MMSettings that ScheduleNormal = FALSE