In conjunction with JobFile, ClickHome now provides the supervisors with the ability to control specific release of material for each callup. In the past supervisors would write comments and hope that the supplier read and applied those requests, but now users can select the specific material and quantity required at each callup.

To make this work, you will need to be integrating with JobFile, and so will your supplier. The first supplier to go live with this feature is PGH CSR.

When the supervisor picks specific product lines and quantities from the Sales Order to be included in the task callup, this is called a Release Order. No release order is required if the option ‘Deliver Everything’ is chosen.

The full process is as follows:

  • You (Builder) issues PO and integrate into ClickHome with PO Matching
  • ClickHome uploads your jobs, tasks and POs to JobFile
  • Supplier downloads the Jobs, Tasks and POs and generates a Sales Order based on your Order (Sales Order utilises their item codes and batch codes based on your items and descriptions).
  • Supplier uploads the Sales Order to JobFile, and this then downloads to ClickHome and to the supervisor in the field. This typically happens within a few days of orders being issued, and before the job goes to site.
  • The supervisor does their callup, and makes specific release order requests based on the items and details provided.
  • ClickHome uploads this data to JobFile, and the Supplier downloads from JobFile with task details, dates, notes and release lines so there is no ambiguity around the supervisors request.