Tender templates are used by users that want to create a tender and then re-use it as a template across other leads.

The ability to create tender templates is based on a setting.

The settings are:

  • Display to all users (0)
  • Display to user who create template only (default) (1)
  • Disable creation of templates altogether (2)

In Silverlight this is set via:

1. Admin

2. System Configuration

3. Configuration and System Settings

4. Create a new entry with the Display = ClickHome.Tenders.TemplateDisplay and the Foreign Key = above setting number required..

NOTE: these settings can be set differently per business unit by changing the business unit field and adding another entry.

SQL insert script that can also be used:

insert into tblValidationEntries

(fkidBusinessUnit, cdValidCode, sgDisplay, fkidOther)


(idBusinessunit, 'SETTINGS', 'ClickHome.Tenders.TemplateDisplay', 1)