House and land packages can be created in the MobileLeads interface by a sales consultant and then pushed to the portal listing page for review.

To do this;

1. Log into MobileLeads and then click on the House & Land button in the left navigation menu

2. Then either go to the available land list and select a block of land OR click on 'Add Land' to add a new block of land

3. Once you have got a block of land go to the packages section at the bottom of the land details page and add a package (this is also known as a tender):

4. When you are ready to upload your house and land package, go to My Packages in the navigation menu

5. Click on the package you want to send for review

6. In the popup click on Create House Listing

This package will now be available in Silverlight under the Marketing > Portal Listing page as a DRAFT to be reviewed and uploaded to the portals.