ClickHome users who work within the selections and colours space require slightly different functionality and information to other tenders user so they have the ability to open a tender in 'selections' mode.

To do this their user profile needs to be setup with the correct permissions, see Setup - Tender Permissions for more details on this.

This is the button that can be used to open a tender in selections mode and it is found in the tenders list (main list or list against the contract);

Once the tender is open in this mode there will be some differences about the screen;

- it is by default set to full screen mode so to get out out it just simply click ''FULL SCREEN" at the top of the page, and to reapply it click back on it again

- the contract details section has been minimized by default to provide more space so just click on the down arrow if you require any of this information or on the up arrow to hide it again;

- the pricing information has been set into tabs on the left to provide more space, just click on these if you require any of this information and pin the tabs or unpin them to hide them again;

- 2 filters have been applied by default so that only items which have selections or require colour will appear, to reset these just unselect the check boxes;


How to select colours;

1. Select the option from the Options list that you need to select a colour for

2. Go to the Option Colour dropdown list in the option details panel

3. Select a colour'

NOTE: Below you can add any notes in the 'client notes' or 'internal notes' fields.

How to make selections;

1. Select the option from the Options list (the row will be coloured orange if the option requires selections to be made, if the selections are already done it will be green)

2. Go to the Option Choice tab on the right in the option details panel and select which selection is required

(as you click through the selections the image and pricing information will be populated above)

3. Enter the quantity (this need to match up with the qty in the options list to the left, either included or extra or a total of both)

4. When finished click the 'Update Option Choice' button below this will change the option from orange to green if it's complete.

NOTE: You can also choose an area, a colour and a price display for each selection that is made.

To add or delete selections use the add or delete buttons. 

To see the calculated total difference that will be required by the client for the selection that has been made, see the section below where the selections have been made, there is a total, status, placeholder sell price (inclusion), total placeholder sell price, total option choice sell price and a difference.

Ensure to save the whole page before navigating away from the tender.