There are times when you have complicated business processes which are outside of your control and may throw out your baseline, eg Land Registration Processes, or Client Reworks.

With ClickHome you can put into place Multiple Baseline Runs at key strategic times in your workflow or callsheet processes.


When the Job starts, run a baseline using the standard workflow rules and a target time of 20 weeks to get to site. If there is a lengthy Land Hold process the baseline target date is no longer accurate. Hence what you would do is put a secondary Baseline Event on the Land Hold Task. This means that as soon as this task is completed the system will run a baseline going forward from the Land Hold task. Tasks that were to be completed before the Land Hold task will now maintain the original Baseline (Hence you can see previous delays) and tasks after Land Hold Task will receive the new Baseline. This will allow you to target these new dates from Land Hold going forward.


To achieve above scenario please follow the following guidelines.

1. Set Up Multiple Run Baseline events and 1 Baseline finish event.

When the first task is scheduled a baseline event will run and put an entry in tblcontractbaselines:

When the sitemanager file break up task is completed a new baseline is run, ignoring tasks that have happened before or are not on the Path following the file break up task.


Any time a baseline is to be rerun (eg due to adding stop days etc) the system will look for the highest order of baselines and take that task and date to run forward from.