With Construction Control you can enforce business rules for Task Scheduling and Completion for Supervisors on the Field Device and from the Office. 

There are 2 types of Restriction:

Rule restrictions for schedule and completion of tasks that apply to precedent tasks. 

Rules include - 

Schedule before schedule

Start before schedule

Complete before schedule

Schedule before complete

Start before complete

Complete before complete

Rule restrictions can be applied individually or a combination of them can be used for each precedent task.

For eg. Schedule before schedule, and Complete before schedule implies, the precedent task needs to be scheduled and completed before the next task can be scheduled.

Role restrictions for completion of tasks -certain tasks can be completed only by users having specific roles. 

Roles include Supervisor, Supervisor 2, QC Supervisor, Contract Admin/Client Liaison, Senior Supervisor, Construction Liaison

Role restrictions can be applied individually or a combination of roles can be used.

For eg. Supervisor 1 or Supervisor 2 can complete the task 

Info on Construction Control set up is available here.

Error prompt:
When task scheduling/completion violates business rules, the user gets an error prompt.