Construction control settings are done by the Admin as shown below.

Precedents are set up in Administration>Construction>Templates>TemplateItem>Precedents section

Precedents can be configured to be used for baseline calculation/business rules/both by selecting the Precedent Type (as shown below)

Rule restrictions are set up in Administration>Construction>Templates>TemplateItem>Precedents section>Restrictions

One or more rules can be applied for each precedent task.

Example meanings: ScheduleBeforeSchedule -> The Precedent needs to be scheduled before this task can be scheduled

CompleteBeforeSchedule -> The precedent task needs to be completed before this task can be scheduled

StartBeforeComplete -> The precedent task needs to be started before this task can be completed.


Role restrictions are set up in Administration>Construction>Templates>TemplateItem>Construction Details section>Role Restrictions

Note: this role can complete the task either through desktop or field device, a supervisor cannot normally complete the task unless they are also one of the restricted roles.

Override Restrictions:

Override OperationCode (7302) can be assigned to specific users to bypass business rule/role restrictions above.