ClickHome Assist helps you with the day to day Administration of ClickHome. If your Administrator is on holiday, too busy with other activities or working on a big project. Let us help you!

ClickHome Assist saves time and effort having to manage your ClickHome system, simply send us a service request and we'll take care of the rest. Our ClickHome Assist team can provide the following services:


Managing base data 

General user configuration 

o    Non Working Days 

o    Removing and Creating Users 

o    Resource Codes 

o    Assigning new users to existing tasks 

o    Creating Flexfields 

o    Resetting Passwords 

o    Summaries and Summary groups 

o    Change resource allocations 

o    Creating / Expiring house types 

o    Manage team members / subordinates 

o    Referral Sources 

o    Add Security roles 

 Managing job specific data 

 Simple template task changes 

o    Closing down jobs 

o   Adding and renaming tasks  

o    Cancelling jobs 

o    changing durations 

o    Backdating single tasks 

o    managing PO matching rules 

o    Changing Roles on job 

o    changing resources against template tasks 

o    Resetting/Reinstating tasks 

o    Task linking 

Installation and basic testing of upgrades 

o    Adding/removing flexfields 

o    Upgrade of System(s) to latest release