We want to help you get the most from ClickHome Assist, and resolve your service request as quickly as possible. To help us do this, here are some guidelines that can help improve the Assist process.

How to lodge a ClickHome Assist request

A service can be requested either by email to ClickHomeAssist@clickhome.com.au or online using the ClickHome Support Portal at any time.  

Nominated ClickHome Assist Contacts

ClickHome Assist requests must come through from a nominated contact point. This ensures that we do not go over our agreed upon allowance and allows you to have an automatic authority to approve work.

Supporting Information

The ClickHome Assist team will need to get some information from you to understand the request and help provide the best solution for you. The sort of information we will need depends on the type of service request, some examples:

Resource Codes

    Name of Resource Code

    Which Task should be allocated this resource code

    Which User or Resource should have this Resource code

Closing/canceling jobs

    Job number 

    date of closure


Adding Flexfields

    Description of Flexfield

    Type of Flexfield (Date, Yes/no, dropdown, text, number)

    What task should have this flexfield


    job number

    task name

    date of completion


    What is the name of the summary

    What tasks should the summary be against (which templates)

    Should it be added to a Summary group or should new summary group be created


    Full name

    Security Profile (eg same as Person X)

    Who is the manager

    Resource Assignment (eg same as person x, or this person is a drafty)

    e-mail details


    Information about housetype (storeys, beds, baths, house price etc)