1. Check if the device lost connection to the server - no signal, WiFi drop out etc.

  2. Check to see if any mandatory flex-fields or inspections are completed on tasks that were set to complete

  3. Check that suppliers just scheduled to a task have the correct email

  4. Ensure the user has the necessary permissions if an error shows along the lines of:
    "2019-11-29 15:33:00.1898 ThreadId: 34 Level: ERROR UserId: 7 TaskId: ec0ca896-3d06-4402-a215-e8dfb3ed2f0f MethodName: InsertDocumentĀ Message: Cannot create new document ClickHome.Contracts.InsufficientPermissionException: Not enough permission to execute. Operation code: 8401."
    The following documents show how to apply operation codes and what the operation codes are:
  5. The sync showed no errors but there is a problem still (Items left to sync):
  6. If the ClickHome app crashes at any stage ask for the error logs following this guide: