1. Has the reports file recently been changed?

  2. Check ClickHomeWindowsServiceProd (Reports) is running

  3. Check the ReportWebServices is running (Application pool)

  4. Check the Report Services logs for errors around the time the report is set to send (C:\ReportWebServicesLogs)

  5. Check if you can run the report manually from ClickHome
  6. Check tblUserReports for the report security and who will receive the report?
  7. Check tblUserReports for the report, is it scheduled as the user expected?
    • dtStdLastModified to see when the report was last sent
    • dtNextCheckTime for when the report will send next

  8. Check tblBackEndJobs for inOperationCode between 10100 and 10299 for failed BEJs around that time
    • The report may be timing out due to sending to multiple emails with the one BEJ

  9. Check tblSystemLogs for inOperationCode between 10100 and 10299 
    • Shows that the BEJ ran, if it error-ed then it will display in tblBackEndJobs but if ran successfully it will show the BEJ ran and suggest an issue with the exchange