1. Check your CC email account to see if the email has been received - if the email has been received by the CC account     you can assume that the email sent out successfully from ClickHome

You can find your CC email address here:

    2. Check the messaging tab, this should show you whether or not the message sent out, who the message sent to and         when it sent out

"Sent, not yet received" means that the email should have successfully sent to the supplier and the transmission details will show who the email was sent to and at what time:

    3. Confirm with the supplier or user what email address they are checking - Is it the same one the email was sent to? Is the email spelled correctly in ClickHome?

If incorrect, the supplier details will need to be updated in ClickHome in the "Resources" tab and the email resent:

    4. If the receipt details in the Messaging tab say "No message sent - user not configured to send messages" then the user  attempting to send emails has not been configured correctly to send emails in ClickHome

Ensure user is set up with "Email" as the contact method and "Send Direct To Supplier" so they can send call up emails:

5. If you find no issues in above, but the Vendor still has not received the Emails please ask them to check their SPAM account.

6. If all else fails, please check with your IT to check the Exchange Logs to see if there is an issue with the Email server (eg full box)