The configuration for the MyTask list settings can be found under:

Administration > System Configuration > Configuration and System Settings.

These settings are tied to the top-level business unit and cannot be configured on a per-business-unit basis.

There are 6 factors that define the MyTasks list behaviour:


This setting from the location above determines how far in advance the tasks will appear in the MyTasks list.

This setup will show tasks 7 days before the estimated date:

Estimated Start Date

The estimated start date must be less than today's date plus the number set in the HideAppointmentsUntil setting. The estimated start date is the "Estimated" column in the call sheet:

The User is Assigned to the Task or has the Resource Code of the Task

A task won't appear in the users MyTask list if they are not assigned to the task specifically or if they don't have the resource code and are expected to accept the task.

You can find what resource codes a user has been assigned under Administration > Users > Users:

The Task has been Planned or is Available

The task needs to be planned or available before it appears. This has a higher precedence than the HideAppointmentsUntil setting. This stops tasks from piling up in the user's list if the job is behind or precedents not yet met.

Refer to the following documentation regarding what each icon means to determine if a task is available or planned:

Operation Code 7200 "ViewMyTaskList" Relation

The only contract statuses that are excluded in the MyTask function are Closed and Cancelled. Everything else can be controlled by the 7200 operation code by changing the relation on the permission to either include or exclude specific contract statuses.

ClickHome.MyTasks.JobStatusesAllowed Validation Entry

This validation entry overrides everything above. By default, it will show tasks where the contract status is in Pending, Active, Finalising, or Maintenance. This can be changed by updating the validation entry to include or exclude specific contract statuses: